Little Tikes Cook Around Kitchen and Cart

Often times when looking at different kitchen sets for your child, you'll notice the build quality isn't all that good. Maybe it is an inferior plastic or a flimsy wood but whatever it is, you want the build to provide a safe, sturdy construction for your child to play on while also lasting as long as you want. After all, even if your current child outgrows the toy, it doesn't mean the next child won't want to play with it.

The Little Tikes Cook Around Kitchen and Cart provides an exceptional build quality, with material built to last all while giving a fantastic look as well. It is recommended, but before you set out to buy the kitchen set, make sure it fits all of your particular needs by briefly comparing it with other kitchens on the market.

The Little Tikes Cook Around Kitchen and Cart can be broken down into several different categories. These categories should help you compare it with other kitchens on the market and determine whether or not it is the right buy for you. These individual categories are:

  • What comes with the kitchen set
  • Features of the kitchen set
  • Specifications of the kitchen set
  • Comparisons

What Comes With the Kitchen Set

The thing about kitchen sets is you'll often need to go out and purchase additional accessories in order for it to really double as a kitchen. Thankfully, you don't need to do this as this Little Tikes Cook Around Kitchen and Cart comes packed with over 30 accessories.

With plenty of storage space on the kitchen, you won't need to worry about it becoming overcrowded or toys resting all over the floor. The toys can be tucked away somewhere into the kitchen. It does need two AA batteries (not included) to make areas of the set light up and make noise.

Currently selling for around $150 at the time of this post, make sure you take into account not only the buying price but the shipping price from where you buy it. The shipping price can often make a big difference. Little Tikes sets the age range for the Little Tikes Cook Around Kitchen and Cart at two to 10 years. Now, 10 is probably pushing it a bit too much. More likely your child will max out around six years or so. Of course, if you can squeeze a few more years out of the kitchen set, there's nothing wrong with that.

Features of the Kitchen Set

The Little Tikes Cook Around Kitchen and Cart does come with some nice features, beyond the large accessory set. Some of these features include:

  • Oven, stove and microwave all open and close
  • Kitchen and cart can separate, giving more play room
  • Cart has slide-out trays, which not only act as serving trays but also storage areas
  • Smart phone docking station for the life-like feel
  • Stovetop makes sounds and light ups

The Little Tikes Cook Around Kitchen and Cart is designed out of a solid, thick plastic. This helps keep it sturdy and prevent injuries while your child is playing on it. While most of the toy is plastic, some assembly is required. Thankfully, you don't need to bust out the tools as the toys simply snap into place to give you the completed look. You can probably get the entire toy put together in around 30 minutes or so.

Specifications of the Kitchen Set

The Little Tikes Cook Around Kitchen and Cart does have some specs that make it a bit larger, in terms of floor space, than many play kitchens out there. The measurements are 24 inches long by 23 inches in depth (this makes it one of the deeper kitchen sets on the market today).

It has a height of 44 inches. Now, the toy can be broken down into two sets as the island does separate away from the kitchen. This makes it a bit easier to move. In terms of moving and weight, the kitchen checks in at 41 pounds. This is a bit hefty, but as it can be broken down into two different pieces, you can move it to a different room, although it generally is recommended to put it together in the eventual room you want it in.

Quick Comparisons

If you would like a different toy option from the same brand but need to save on space, the Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen is a corner unit with a similar build design. It also is cheaper at $80 but still comes with an assortment of accessories.

As another option there is the Step2 Heart of the Home Kitchen Set which is a nice design, although features more of a country kitchen look. It has a similar price of $128 and offers a fair amount of accessories.

The Little Tikes Cook Around Kitchen and Cart is one of the nicer kitchens in the market. It also has a rather unique look and feel to it. If this is something you are looking for and you've already compared it with other kitchens currently being sold, based on the reviews we gathered you should not be disappointed.

We hope this page provided some insight for folks looking for a play kitchen toy for their young one.