Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse Review

The Little Tikes Cape Cottage is a spacious play house that has everything your child needs to stoke their imagination. This is a full play house with a roof and windows that open, which makes it much more interactive.

The color scheme on the Cape Cottage is very basic so as not to take away from the interactive features. This is a durable toy that can give your child hours of fun, and become the focal point for a group of playing children as well.

Another reason for the basic color scheme is that it allows the Cape Cottage to be whatever your child wants it to be. From a home in the country to a fort in the wilderness, the Little Tikes Cape Cottage can become the very thing your child needs to use their imagination to the fullest.

Main Features Cape Cottage

The Little Tikes Cape Cottage has two windows and two doors that both open. The doors are actually half-doors, which makes it easier for your children to play while the bottom portion is closed.

There are corner windows that do not open or close, but they do offer your child more opportunities to use their imagination. There is a functioning mail slot, but the Little Tikes Cape Cottage does not come with any pretend mail.

There is a flag holder just outside one of the doors, but the toy does not come with a flag. Your child can choose to fly the flag of their country, or they can make their own flag to signify their fort and allow the flag holder to be part of their world of imagination.

The walls have a partial brick look to them, and the roof is laid out in shingles. There is a very contemporary look to the Cape Cottage, but it is also the type of toy that is open to your child's interpretation.

The time of writing retail selling price online for the Cape Cottage is $129.99, which does not reflect any shipping charges or online retailer discounts. The manufacturer recommends this toy for children two years of age and older.

Detailed Aspects of the Little Tikes Cape Cottage

The details for the Little Tikes Cape Cottage include some fun interactive features, and features that require your child's imagination to be used properly. The interactive features include:

  • Flag holder (flag not included)
  • Mail slot (play mail not included)
  • Two windows that open
  • Two half-doors that open

The list of features that are in place just for show seems to overshadow the list of interactive features. The features that are in place just for show include:

  • A brick look to the walls
  • A shingle look to the roof
  • Corner windows that cannot be opened
  • An address number decal that is not interactive
  • Roof windows that do not open
  • No sounds generated by any of the features in this play house

With the size of the Little Tikes Cape Cottage, parents may expect this to be an outdoor only toy. But Little Tikes does mention that this toy can be used indoors and outdoors, provided it is placed on a level and durable surface. If you do set this toy up indoors, be sure to surround it with soft rugs to make play time safer for your children.

This is a large playhouse, which means that it may require oversized shipping charges to get to your home (unless you have Amazon Prime or similar benefit). You will have to discuss shipping details with your retailer. There is a significant amount of assembly required for the Cape Cottage, and from what was gathered, it is best if there are two adults doing the construction. This seems to be the only real con to this toy!

Product Dimensions and Weight

The assembled dimensions for the Little Tikes Cape Cottage are approximately 43 inches wide, 35 inches deep and 49 inches high. The weight of the Cape Cottage is between 32 and 35 pounds and does appear that this toy is not to be assembled by one parent, and it requires two people to move this toy once it has been assembled.

The shipping process for this product requires extra packaging, which is what causes the range in weight. The final assembled weight for the product is 32 pounds, but the shipping weight is around 35 pounds.

Toys Similar to the Cape Cottage

The Step2 Neat And Tidy Playhouse II is very similar in look to the Little Tikes Cape Cottage, but the Playhouse II offers a more colorful design and a few more interactive features. The Playhouse II has a sink with handles that turn and a clock with hands that can be moved.

The Little Tikes Princess Cottage Playhouse is the same design as the Cape Cottage, but with a different color scheme. The pink and white colors on the Princess Cottage help this product to stand out, but the Princess Cottage does have the same interactive features as the Little Tikes Cape Cottage.

To conclude this review, when your child needs a simple but effective play house, the Cape Cottage can be a great solution. It has just the right number of interactive features, and it can be a blank canvas your child uses to project their imagination. We hope this page offered some guidance!