LeapFrog Sing and Play Farm

There are certain toy themes that always seem to be popular among children and a farm is one of them. It is not important whether or not your child has ever been to or seen a farm, all that matters is that there are lessons to be learned and activities to do.

With the LeapFrog Sing and Play Farm, your child has five sides of fun to explore that offer interactive sounds and lights to keep play interesting. Your child can work on their motor skills and develop their recognition abilities when they spend their fun time with this innovative but familiar educational toy.

Basic Features of the LeapFrog Farm

The front barn door opens to introduce your child to just some of their new farm friends. There is something to do on all five exposed sides of the LeapFrog Sing and Play Farm, and your child gets the chance to see some lights flash and hear sounds when they make certain movements.

When your child turns the key in the tractor on the wall, the tractor sounds like it starts up.

The sound generator has a wide variety of farm sounds for your child to enjoy, and one wall is filled with slider animals that move in a variety of directions. The LeapFrog Sing and Play Farm also helps your child learn good manners by reminding your child to turn off the light switch on the side of the wall, and playing fun games that deal in good manners. There are a total of 13 farm characters who cover five different play areas for your child to enjoy.

The manufacturer has set the retail price for this toy at $14.99. Your online retailer may add applicable sales tax and shipping charges to your purchase to increase your final purchase price. The recommended age range for this toy is six months to three years of age.

Detailed Features of the LeapFrog Sing and Play Farm

There is plenty for your child to do when they play with the LeapFrog Sing and Play Farm. The interactive features on this toy include:

  • Sliders with animal characters that move in different directions
  • A tractor with a key that turns and makes sounds
  • A light switch that turns on the front barn light and then a voice that reminds your child to turn the light off
  • The front barn door opens
  • A sound player with a large library of animal sounds and some lessons for your child
  • A carrying handle
  • The cow on the front of the barn moves when the blue button on the top is pressed

There are a few features in this toy that are just for show, and those features include:

  • The animals behind the main barn door are only decals
  • Two of the sheep on one side of the barn are just there for decoration and offer no interactive features at all
  • The front barn door image of the animals cannot be moved to allow access to the rest of the barn

This toy comes fully assembled and ready for play. It is lightweight, which makes it easy for parents and children to carry. It requires three "AAA" size batteries that come with the packaging, but the manufacturer recommends that parents install fresh batteries before allowing their children to play with this toy.

Products Similar to the Sing and Play Farm

The LeapFrog My Discovery House has many of the same interactive features as the Sing and Play Farm, but it offers a little bit different setting. The My Discovery House looks like home, and it gives your child plenty of chances to interact with things like the front door, the door bell and a variety of other interactive features.

The VTech Pull and Learn Car Carrier gives your child a chance to pretend that they run the big rigs they see on the roads hauling cars. This toy comes with fun characters and plenty of cars to play with. There are many ways your child can get hours of fun out of the Pull and Learn Car Carrier.

When a toy has a familiar setting to a child, then the child is going to be more interested in what that toy has to offer. No matter where you and your child live, the LeapFrog Sing and Play Farm offers a chance to be down on the farm with characters your child has been watching on television for a long time.

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