The LeapFrog Scribble and Write Learning

When children decide that they want to learn to read and write, parents have to do whatever they can to encourage that kind of desire. There are plenty of toys and educational products parents can buy to help children get started with writing and recognizing letters and numbers, but few are as effective as the LeapFrog Scribble and Write.

This interactive and educational toy helps children to recognize letters, and then teaches children how to write out those letters by hand.

Your child chooses what letter or number they want to work on, and then they have to trace the lights that appear on the screen. When your child gets it right, the toy chimes a friendly note and encourages your child to move on to the next letter or number.

Basic Features of the Scribble and Write

The layout of the LeapFrog Scribble and Write is very simple, but extremely effective. There is a keyboard that has 36 keys on it to represent all of the letters of the alphabet, and numbers one through 10. Your child chooses what they want to learn to draw, and the letter or number appears on the screen in lights.

The toy tells your child what the letter or number is, and then plays a happy note when your child draws it correctly.

There is a stylus your child uses to write on the special screen, and erasing it is as easy as pulling a lever. When your child makes a mistake, the LeapFrog Scribble and Write points out the error and allows your child to try again. This is a completely interactive toy that will get your child started on writing and recognizing letters and numbers quickly.

The manufacturer's retail price for this toy is $24.99, but it should be noted that the retail price does not include shipping charges or applicable sales tax that may be added by your vendor.

This versatile toy can be used by children of almost any age, but the manufacturer recommends allowing only children three years old and older to use the LeapFrog Scribble and Write.

Detailed Features of the LeapFrog Scribble and Write

The LeapFrog Scribble and Write looks a little more complicated than it actually is. The toy's interactive features are:

  • 36 keys for the letters of the alphabet and the numbers one through ten
  • A screen where the letters and numbers light up
  • A stylus your child can use to trace the letters or numbers onto a special writing surface directly over the lighted screen
  • A sliding eraser that runs under the special writing surface
  • Three buttons that allow your child to choose to learn numbers, upper case letters and lower case letters

The design of the LeapFrog Scribble and Write is focused on teaching your child to recognize and write letters and numbers. Throughout the entire toy, there are no features included that are only for show.

This toy requires no assembly and comes ready to use right out of the box. The toy requires three "AA" size batteries, and it comes with demo versions of the batteries that have a limited life span. Parents are encouraged to put new batteries in this toy before they allow their child to start playing with it.

Similar Products the Scribble and Write Learning Toy?

LeapFrog has a product called My Own Leaptop that is similar to the Scribble and Write. This is a toy that teaches children how to recognize and read numbers and letters, and it even has some fun animations and sound effects that children can enjoy while they learn.

The big difference between the two toys is that the My Own Leaptop does not offer a way for children to write out the letters and numbers as they learn them.

For a look at a different related brand/toy Roger Priddy makes a product called Wipe Clean: Letters that is the low-tech version of the LeapFrog Scribble and Write. This is a book that encourages children to recognize letters and then trace over the letters using an erasable marker. It lacks the sounds and lights of the LeapFrog Scribble and Write, but it still teaches your child to recognize and write numbers and letters.

Children are fascinated by technology, and the LeapFrog Scribble and Write is the perfect way to use technology to get your little one to learn their numbers and letters. With some high-tech encouragement, your child can be on their way to reading and writing well ahead of the pace of other children their age.

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