Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen

Children love to play house and pretend to be adults. This includes cooking and mimicking what they see their parents do. Of course, allowing them to use the actual kitchen isn't the best idea, nor the safest, which is why the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen is the perfect option for young children looking to play house. With a solid design, several color choices, and features any child will enjoy, it may prove to be the perfect addition your child's playtime.

Some of the features found in this KidKraft Vintage Kitchen are broken down into a few different categories. These include:

  • What Comes in the Set
  • Details of the Kitchen
  • Size and Weight
  • How it Compares

What Comes in the Set

The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen comes with knobs, stickers and cabinets. It does not include accessories (outside of an attachable phone). The cabinets are a nice feature as they provide additional storage for a playroom or bedroom. This way, it doesn't just take up space but helps with the storage of items as well.

All of the necessary screws, hinges and bolts are provided in the kit. Now, tools are required for putting it together. For the most part, this includes a screwdriver (both Phillips and flat head) and a hammer.

As of April, 2016 the price point for the KidKraft Vintage Kitchens can vary, ranging between the color selection and location it is purchased. At the low end, the play kitchen runs at $99.95 and increases to over $300 based on the color design. The $304.68 model is personalized, so a child can receive his or her name imprinted into different areas of the model.

However, for families who want to personalize the kitchen without spending triple the price, they can have adhesive stickers produced from a third party provider.

Details of the Kitchen

There are many nice details this toy kitchen offers. Some include:

  • Knobs that click and turn
  • Storage located above and below sink
  • Removable sink for easy cleaning
  • Fridge, freezer and microwave open and close with specially designed latches
  • Raised burners give added space for storing play bowls
  • See through window in microwave and oven
  • Oven drawer slides out
  • Turntable in microwave does rotate 360 degrees
  • Ice machine built into the refrigerator door
  • Sturdy construction made up of wood and plastic

As noted:, assembly is required. The set comes in a box and must be constructed in home. The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen is rather straight forward and is similar to putting together a store brought cabinet. Handles and knobs may either screw or click into place. Basic tools are required but the set can be put up and ready for play in around an hour or so.

Size and Weight

The KidKraft play kitchen is designed from a very sturdy construction base. This way, it is not easy to tip over when children are playing with it. The product dimensions are approx. 33 inches long by 11.7 inches deep by 35.7 inches tall. This way, it is easy to fit nearly anywhere. At less than three feet long it is perfect for any room you need.

The toy kitchen's shipping weight is about 43 pounds. This weight doesn't change much once removed from the box, outside of some general cardboard and foam insulation inside of the box. The kitchen once set up will weigh around 40 pounds. Most of the weight is at the base, so tipping comes far less likely as mentioned.

How it Compares

Naturally, before going out to purchase the kitchen, it is a good idea to compare it with other, similar play kitchens at the price point. This way, it is possible to determine which is right for the price.

One option is the KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen model. This is essentially the same basic design, only it uses/adds a modern feel. It has a small chalkboard on the freezer, which is nice, but outside of this, it is nearly the same. It comes down more to the look than anything else. If you want a modern look, go here, but if you want a vintage, go with the model reviewed here.

A different brand option is Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen. This costs around $20 more. It is also made almost completely of plastic. It doesn't seem to have the same authentic feel to it. It does have some light up features, which is fun, but on the opposite side it has no storage, so you won't have any other places to store everything that your child will likely use with the set.

Plus, the kitchen door is at the base, which can make it challenging to open. This is more for younger children (2+) than the other option.

To conclude, the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen is a nice value toy kitchen for those children who love to play house. Of course, it always comes down to price and whether it is the right fit, but for folks who want a clean look and nice details that provides interactive play, this kitchen does offer up a good amount of features for the cost.

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