KidKraft Sweet Treats Pastel Kitchen

Whether you are a fan of Easter or just enjoy pastel color schemes, the KidKraft Sweet Treats Pastel Kitchen Toy fits the bill. The pastel colorations of the kitchen help it stand out, but the colors are not overly bright as to take over viewership from the entire room. The design is a bit different from other kitchen sets on the market today, which is why deciding whether or not this is the right purchase for you and your child is important. There are a few different options out there, so comparing and seeing what everything can offer is important.

Whenever looking for the right play kitchen set, it is helpful to categorize each set into a series of different sections as this makes it easier to compare and contrast. Some of the categories you may consider includes:

  • What Comes With the Set
  • Details of the Kitchen
  • Product Dimensions
  • Brand Comparisons

What Comes With the Set

The set is designed for children between the ages of three and eight years. While eight might still be just a bit high as they will likely be too tall to take advantage of all the features, it is a bit close to the set age range (some kitchens from KidKraft say the design is for up to 15 year olds, which is far too old for the kitchen). As of April, 2016, the KidKraft Sweet Treats Pastel Kitchen, (model 53351) does run around $130. It does not have any other color options, so what you see is what you get.

There is not much that comes with the set outside of its construction. Some parts are removable and help aid in extra storage, but there are only a handful of small accessories that come with it. Some of these accessories include a cordless phone, mixing spoon, pot holder and spatula.

Details of this Play Kitchen

There are several highlight details found on the KidKraft Sweet Treats Pastel Kitchen Toy. Some of these highlights include:

  • Microwave, Oven and Washing Machine Feature Clear Window
  • Microwave, Washing Maching, Fridge and Microwave have doors you can easily open and close
  • Knobs above the dish washer click when they turn.
  • Rack in the middle of the oven can be removed and can hold a small cake/pie pan
  • Molded plastic burners can be lifted up for some additional storage (such as for bowls and plates)
  • Sink is removable to make for easy cleaning, especially if liquid is added
  • Washing machine and fridge can be used as storage compartments
  • Hooks above sink make for nice accessory storage.

The KidKraft Sweet Treats Pastel Kitchen does require assembly. You will need a Philips and flat head screwdriver, plus a hammer to put everything together.

Kitchen Dimensions

The dimensions of this colorful play kitchen set are about 43.7 inches long, 42.8 inches tall and 16.2 inches in width. You can probably place it in a child's bedroom. If the bedroom is on the smaller side, setting it up in a playroom or family room can work as well.

Too add it is 68 pounds in weight, which means you should set it up in the room it will be used in, as it is a bit tricky to move after it is set up and ready to go.


The KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen is another kitchen from KidKraft that comes with a bright color scheme. This particular option though is more "1970's" bright, with outlandish pinks, oranges, yellows and turquoise. It costs around $127, so the price point is very similar. Build design though it is similar, although the KidKraft Sweet Treats Pastel Kitchen Toy has a smaller fridge (has more of a smaller apartment feel to it than the larger design of the Bright Kitchen).

The Teamson Kids Pink Play Kitchen as another brand option is a bit more expensive at $165. While you pay more for it, the look to it is rather impressive. It is a solid construction with actually a bit more sturdy parts, solid cabinets and it is a bit easier to move around. Other brands can be viewed on this site as well.

Concluding, the KidKraft Sweet Treats Pastel Kitchen does come at the same general price tag as other kitchen sets from KidKraft. These kitchen sets are generally designed with high quality wood and do look better than other play kitchens on the market. It really just comes down to what size and color scheme fits you and your child's needs.

The pastel look is more unique for this one, as it gives off a European pastel cottage vibe, so as long as you are alright with this, you'll be good to go!

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