KidKraft 2-Piece Retro Kitchen

Most toy kitchen sets come in a large, single piece. That makes it easy to move it around, but it also can put some limitations on space. Plus, most kitchens don't jam everything in along the same wall. If you'd like a different look to your child's play kitchen consider the KidKraft 2-Piece Retro Kitchen.

This kitchen separates the fridge from the rest of the set. It has some nice perks, but also some potential draw backs you need to know about. Keep everything in mind when looking over the different features of the kitchen before moving ahead with the purchase. Hopefully the below will help aid with that decision.

Whenever looking for a child's toy kitchen, there are a few main categories to note. These categories include:

  • What Comes With the Set
  • Features of the Set
  • Product Dimensions
  • Comparisons

What Comes With the Set

The KidKraft 2-Piece Retro Kitchen does come as a two piece set, however outside of the split design, you really don't receive anything else in terms of accessories. At the time of this post there are no hooks to hang accessories, nor do you receive pots and pans like you might with other toy kitchens. This is something to keep in mind when buying it as it is going to increase your overall toy price when you start buying added accessories.

The KidKraft 2-Piece Retro Kitchen does come in at a price of around $133 (including shipping.

The set itself is designed for children between the ages of three and eight years of age, although children towards the higher end of the age spectrum will likely be too tall to play with it. Some storage areas are right on the ground and the sink is just around two feet off of the ground.

Features of the Set

Whenever looking over toy kitchen sets it is necessary to check out all of the features it provides. Many of the KidKraft sets come with similar features, but it is important to compare these features with what other options may provide.

This set sports:

  • Fridge, freezer, dishwasher and oven open and close
  • Knobs on oven turn and click like real
  • Clock in the backsplash which adds an authentic feel to it
  • Sink is removable for easy cleaning
  • Oven has a clear window and middle rack can be pulled out

The KidKraft 2-Piece Retro Kitchen does require some assembly. It has a bit more plastic and composite material than what other KidKraft designed kitchens have, but with that said it still looks great for the product. You will need a Phillips and flat head screwdriver, plus a hammer to put everything together.

Product Dimensions

This KidKraft 2-Piece Retro Kitchen comes in with an approximate 25.9 inch length, 14.2 inch width and a height of 26.7 inches. Over all, this is a rather small design when looking at other KidKraft sets. It weighs in aroound 56 pounds. Most of this weight is placed at the bottom of the set, so you shouldn't have much of a problem with tipping. Also, there are no racks or drawers at the top of the set which eliminates it being top heavy at times of play.

The KidKraft 2-Piece Retro Kitchen fits good in any room. It has a small size which is great for smaller designed bedrooms or playrooms. So, if you are in need of this kind of a kitchen set with a smaller size, this Retro Kitchen might prove to be your best option.


The Teamson Kids Pink Play Kitchen (2-Piece) is a similar design as it has two different main pieces to the kitchen. It is made up of solid material and does have a nice feel to it. However, it also costs about $205, so it is going to set you back almost $80 more for the kitchen.

The KidKraft Sweet Treats Pastel Kitchen is another solid kitchen option from KidKraft and while it is not two different pieces, it has many of the features you and your child may fancy.

It includes some more storage space than what you find on this 2-Piece Retro Kitchen, which is great. If you have a bit more room and you are looking for something that you can place along just about any wall, this play kitchen set doesn't take up much space and is easy to clean up after and hide toys away.

To conclude, the KidKraft 2-Piece Retro Kitchen has some nice color selections and will look great in any child's room or playroom. It also gives you some more placement options as it is put into two major pieces. Folks just need to look over everything to make sure it is the right product for them or if something else might work more in their favor.

We hope this page offered some guidance!

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