KidKraft Modern Midtown Espresso Kitchen

If you have been looking for the right kitchen toy set for your child and you want to go with something modern and designed after the latest trends in kitchen looks, the KidKraft Modern Midtown Espresso Kitchen may stand as the perfect option. This model kitchen is a rather attractive design that really has everything you'd probably want in your own kitchen.

So if you want your child to have a beautifully designed toy set that also doesn't stand out with bright pastel colors or vibrant shades of pink and orange, this "espresso-style" kitchen may serve you nicely.

Whenever looking for the right play kitchen setup, you want to break down everything into a few different categories. This helps you determine what is the best option for your child. To help out here...these main categories include:

  • What Comes With the Kitchen
  • Features of the Kitchen
  • Kitchen Dimensions
  • Comparisons

What Comes With the Kitchen

As of April, 2016, the KidKraft Modern Midtown Espresso Kitchen costs around $145 new at its best price. Some online retails may have it listed for less but likely charge for shipping. This is the average in-stock price (shipping in eluded).

The KidKraft Modern Midtown Espresso Kitchen comes with a few accessories, but for the most part it is rather sparse. You will want to pick up additional accessories to complete the kitchen. This set includes a KidKraft cookware set and a pot holder. It isn't bad in way of accessories as it does have rather excellent toy pots, but it won't complete the entire kitchen until after you've picked up a few additional yet optional toys.

Also, the kitchen set is designed for children between the ages of three and eight years.

Features of the Kitchen

Many of the features found on the kitchen include:

  • Fridge, freezer, oven, washing machine and microwave all open and close
  • Microwave, oven and washing machine have clear windows
  • Oven rack can be removed and pulled out
  • Turntable inside of microwave spins 360 degrees
  • Sink can be pulled out and removed for easy cleaning
  • Burners can be removed for storage of plates and dishes

The KidKraft Modern Midtown Espresso Kitchen does require some assembly. Detailed instructions for putting the set together is included, so it shouldn't be difficult. Just make sure you have on hand a Phillips and flathead screwdriver, plus a hammer.

Kitchen Toy Dimensions

The KidKraft Modern Midtown Espresso Kitchen has measurements of 42.5 inches long, 17.5 inches deep and 43.1 inches high. This gives it a comfortable size that can fit in most rooms. If your child's room is on the small side and the bed takes up most of the room, it is best to set it up in a play room or family room. At around 78 pounds in weight, it is sturdy, with most of the weight at the bottom. However, this also makes it extremely difficult to move around. So, when you start putting it together, you'll likely need to be in the room you plan on keeping it.

Other Model Comparisons

Before you go out and purchase this KidKraft Modern Midtown Espresso Kitchen, you need to make sure it fits your needs.

A similar option is the KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen. This is basically the same color scheme and design. The Espresso replaces the washing machine with a dish washer yet doesn't have a complete backspace.

It does however have a slight overhang countertop so there is a bit more counter space, and under it there is a paper towel holder, which is actually rather helpful for cleaning up spills. The two are essential Apartment A and Apartment B kitchens, you just need to decide which one is right for your child, should you want the modern look.

To add another brand option, the Step2 Heart of the Home Kitchen Set looks like it is more out of a fairytale animated cartoon your child watches on Saturday mornings. There is a stone covered oven top and an elevated sink. It is a unique look but it is also very plastic. Due to this, it is cheaper looking, even though it costs around $130.

There are plenty of cupboards and storage nooks on this option, which is nice, but it doesn't have that modern look to it. If you want a modern look, go with the KidKraft Modern Midtown Espresso Kitchen (or the Uptown design). It just depends on what you are looking for.

To wrap this review up...the KidKraft Modern Midtown Espresso Kitchen offers a unique and beautiful design, based off of a European looking modern kitchen. The oven and washing machine likely is not something your child sees on a regular basis, so it does open up the possibility for interesting conversations. It also is a great looking toy setup you won't be ashamed of to have in your home. You just need to determine whether or not it is the right kitchen for your needs and for your price point.

Hopefully the information provided here helps aid in your ulitmate decision!