KidKraft Modern Island Kitchen Review

There are all sorts of fun little kitchen sets out there for your child to play with. It really just comes down to something that fits your budget, look and size requirements. As long as you have most of this figured out you'll have a much easier time finding the right play kitchen.

The KidKraft Modern Island Kitchen is one such option that is a bit different from your other toy kitchens on the market. The island design allows folks to place it not just against a wall, but really anywhere. With that in mind, you still need to just look over what it can provide and how it will stack up with other options.

When it comes to looking for the right play kitchen set, you need to break down your potential choices into a few different categories. These categories are:

  • What comes with the kitchen
  • Features of the kitchen
  • Dimensions of the kitchen
  • Model Comparisons

What Comes With the Kitchen?

The KidKraft Modern Island Kitchen set does come with a few additional features and accessories. You'll receive a spatula and mixing spoon (both toys seem to be made from plastic). There is a cordless phone for the toy island kitchen and a fun little chalkboard that goes on the side of the oven. As a note, the chalkboard placement is especially low, so only younger children are going to be able to use it (unless others are willing to sit on the ground for playtime).

KidKraft has the toy listed for ages between three and 15 years of age. Even if your child did enjoy playing with toy kitchens at an age of 15, this set would be far too small for that. In all honestly, it is better between three and six. Anything beyond that and it will just be too small. The kitchen does come with a nice price point though at $79.99 (as of April, 2016).

Features of the Kitchen

While being a smaller kitchen when compared to some other offerings on the market, it does have some nice features to consider. Features found on this KidKraft Modern Island Kitchen set include:

  • Raised plastic burners for an authentic, gas burner look
  • Clock with moving minute and second hand
  • Cloth curtains behind the sink.
  • Oven and microwave doors open and close
  • Knobs above oven turn and click for an authentic feel
  • Sink can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Storage rack under the sink to store toys after playtime

Even though the KidKraft Modern Island Kitchen is on the smaller side, you will still need to assemble it. Thankfully, it is straight forward and shouldn't take too long (an hour or less for the most). You'll need a screwdriver and hammer for everything from what we gathered.

Dimensions of the Kitchen

The KidKraft Modern Island Kitchen measures in at around 23.5 inches in length, 15.5 inches in width and is 37.74 inches tall. This makes it a nice, rectangular shape. As stated, it also makes it smaller than most of the other sets out there by KidKraft. This should free up some space, allowing you to put it just about anywhere. However, it does face two sides (the oven faces off to the left when standing at the sink), so you will need some space around the kitchen to make it easier. In terms of total weight, the set weighs in at approx. 28 pounds, so it is on the lighter side. Since the toy sports a squat rectangle shape with most of the weight on the base, it shouldn't have much of a problem regarding tipping over either.


The KidKraft Pink Wooden Kitchen is a similar kitchen option. It doesn't have a fridge either and takes up a bout the same amount of space. However, it has two small shelving units off to the side. Pink might be a selling point or something you'd like to avoid, so keep that in mind. It also costs around $95, so it runs a few dollars more than the KidKraft Modern Island Kitchen.

As another option, have a quick glance at the KidKraft Modern or Vintage set as well.

The Deluxe Wooden Toy Kitchen is made out of mostly quality wood. It is slightly larger but not by much. It also has far more in terms of storage, as there are racks on both sides of the oven. You'll also receive some nice hooks and a few included accessories. It does run at a higher price though at $149.95. So, while maybe slightly higher quality and with a few additional features, it also comes with a higher price point, so make sure to keep everything in mind when comparing the different kitchens.

To wrap up our piece, there are so many toy kitchen options available on the market, it really makes it nice for variety and to really find the right set for your price range and your child. So, with this in mind, you just need to look at all this KidKraft Modern Island Kitchen offers to see if it is right for you. The price point is desirable, it isn't terribly large and yet it has a unique design your child is sure to have fun with.

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