Kidkraft Kitchen Model Reviews

Please browse through the popular Kidkraft kitchen models below to see which brand and model is ultimately fit for you and your young one! Offering many models and a good quality with favorable reviews overall, a toy kitchen from Kidkraft is sure to provide hours of playtime!

Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

As one of the most popular models to date, the Espresso play kitchen model sports knobs that turn, a stove with burners, a refrigerator, cordless phone, sink, and more. With many favorable reviews, this one is a good consideration. It just lacks accessories
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Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen

This Vintage model is another popular one and offers a more old-fashion scheme compared to the items posted on this page. Folks have several color choices to select from, making it perfect for boys and girls but do not expect much on added accessories either.
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Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

Taking up more space along a flat wall yet a perfect fit in the corner of a room comes the Corner Kitchen unit that sports a stove, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, and a pot and pan set. This Kidkraft kitchen toy is also large enough for several children to use it as well.
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Kidkraft Modern Island Kitchen

This set which has a different style altogether serves fine as a slightly smaller choice as it does not have to be propped against a wall. Offering a modern kitchen feel along with the quality build of a kidkraft, this wooden island model is one worth researching and comparing to the Step2 models.
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Kidkraft Deluxe Big and Bright Kitchen

Offering more of a 1970's kind of look and feel, this next model makes a good options for girls more than boys due to the color scheme but can be enjoyed by young boys as well. The bright colors along with the multiple interactive doors, knobs, draws, etc makes it another fine unit to consider. One to compare with the Sweet Treats theme below.
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KidKraft Sweet Treats Pastel Kitchen

As another bright kitchen color choice, this pastel model is an option to look at and while it may not appeal to everyone, if your real kitchen scheme matches it, you can expect the same features and benefits as with the other Kidkraft kitchens on this page. Made of wood as well.
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Kidkraft Uptown Natural Kitchen

Completed with the same style as the first main model on this page, this Kidkraft kitchen model is basically the same as the "Uptown Espresso" we provide a review on above only with a different look. Folks can expect the same as far as what offerings come with the set.
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Kidkraft Modern Midtown Espresso Kitchen

This kitchen set from Kidraft appears to be a rather new model at the time of this post and is similar to the Uptown model we go over above. With a common and modern look and feel, this play kitchen mimics a stainless steel theme as all the appliances maintain that style. Do not expect much in terms of many accessories although this model may come with an accessory set.
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Kidkraft Retro Play Kitchens

Like the one-piece Vintage models, this two-piece set comes in several color schemes such as white, pink, cranberry red, and a light blue and offers a throw back look. Your toddler can expect all the fun with this kitchen as it offers the same in terms of doors that open and close, knobs that click, a removeable sink for storage, etc.
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So that wraps up this Kidkraft kitchen popular models list. We hope the information provided here aided folks in selecting the right play kitchen for their toddler. Before making a final purchase though, briefly compare with other play kitchen brands on this site as there are many other styles and material types to consider.

Should a plastic set be more desireable, check out those put out by Step2 & Little Tikes.