Kiddie Play Electric Toy Drum Set

When your child really wants to get down to work and start exploring their musical options, the Kiddie Play Electric Toy Drum Set is the ideal toy to start with. This is not just a drum kit; it is a full music studio that gives your child the chance to explore a whole world of sounds.

With a full compliment of lights that go off in time with the music your child makes, this toy has the potential to become a treasured favorite.

Basic Features of the Toy Drum Set

The Kiddie Play Electric Toy Drum Set includes three drum pads, a toy cymbal, options for a variety of sounds and songs, a microphone and its own light show. This is a toy that can make animal sounds, melodies and options for different types of rhythms.

It comes with its own stool that allows your child to be comfortable while they explore this comprehensive musical toy. The Kiddie Play Electric Toy Drum Set even comes with its own light show that moves in time with the music that your child makes.

Sometimes musical toys can be so complex that manufacturers do not want to have younger children use them because they might get frustrated. For that reason, the age range the manufacturer has set for this toy is three to nine years old. Parents should be aware that the stool has a weight limit, and children closer to nine years old could be too heavy to safely use this toy.

Parents might expect to pay a lot for toy this complex, but the retail price for this toy has been set at an affordable $42.99. Parents might be able to find lower prices if they shop with online retailers that offer promotions or pricing discounts.

The retail price does not include any sales tax applicable to a sale, and it is also not inclusive of any shipping charges from the retailer.

Detailed Features of the Kiddie Play Electric Toy Drum Set

There is a lot for children to explore with the Kiddie Play Electric Toy Drum Set, and the list of interactive features includes:

  • Two drum pads that have LED lights that go off with the beat
  • One cymbal that also lights up
  • Two play drumsticks
  • A stool
  • A series of buttons that allow children to choose from different sounds, rhythms and noises
  • A microphone that can be removed from its stand
  • Three LED lights that pulsate with the music
  • A built-in drumstick holder
  • An MP3 input to allow your child to play along with their favorite songs

This toy seems to have a couple of features that are only for show, despite how prominent they are in the toy design. Those features are:

  • The drum pads have swirl designs on them that are only decals and offer no animated or interactive features
  • The three LED lights are only there to add more light movement to go along with the music and offer no other features

This is a toy that needs to be put indoors in a safe place for your child and kept indoors. It should never be set outside for any reason. This toy is light enough for one parent to be able to unpack and assemble.

This toy requires assembly, and it also requires four "AA" size batteries that do not come with the packaging. There is also a DC power adapter port that can be used to power the toy, but there is no adapter included in the packaging.

Products Similar to the Toy Drum Set

Arshiner has a product called the "Kids Drum Set" that is a more compact version of the Kiddie Play Electric Toy Drum Set reviewed here. This toy needs to be set on a table, but it has all of the same drum features as the Electronic Toy Drum Set. Along with various sounds and animal noises, the Arshiner toy also includes a variety of pre-recorded songs for your child to play along with.

For more melodic children who also wish to learn the piano consider the Kiddie Play offers its Electronic 37-Key Toy Piano complete with LED light show, a stool and a working microphone. Your child has a variety of sounds, musical instruments and pre-recorded tracks to choose from as they learn how to tickle the ivories just like the pros. There is even a music stand your child can use to learn how to read music.

The Kiddie Play Electric Toy Drum Set is a versatile electronic toy that will tap into the inner musician hiding in your child. Expand your child's imagination and introduce them to the world of music with this fun and durable musical toy.

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