Huile Electric Toy Jazz Drum Set

Any parent familiar with Huile toys knows that they are usually as much an experience as they are a plaything. The Huile Electric Toy Jazz Drum Set continues that tradition with its interesting features and psychedelic color scheme.

This looks like an exciting toy before your child even sits down to play it. Once the playing begins, there is no end to the option your child has to explore music and develop their appreciation of sound and color.

Basic Features of this Drum Set

The Huile Electric Toy Jazz Drum Set has two drum pads, a stool, a bass drum, a microphone and a mallet. It is the perfect size for the little one who wants to explore their musical interests, and it is durable enough to withstand the most epic drum solo. There is a bass drum pedal that really works, and plenty of features that light up. Along with making music, this toy can also make silly sounds that will keep your child giggling for hours.

This musical toy is a bit complex and might be confusing, and even frustrating, for very small children. That is why the manufacturer has set the age range for this toy at three years of age and older.

Much older children will be too big to use this toy, and they will be too heavy to sit on the stool. Parents should use their judgment when deciding whether or not to allow their older child to play with this toy.

The retail price for this toy has been set at $49.99, but prices among different retailers will vary. Parents should be aware that the retail price does not include any applicable sales tax, and it does not take into account any shipping charges a retailer might add.

Detailed Features of the Drum Set

The thing to keep in mind when reviewing the interactive features of the Huile Electric Toy Jazz Drum Set is that everything is done in a loud and psychedelic color scheme. This toy looks like it is doing something before your child even starts to use it. The interactive features include:

  • Two drum pads that can make a variety of noises when struck
  • A bass drum with a working pedal
  • A cymbal that makes noises when it is struck
  • Buttons that change modes from sounds to educational lessons
  • A microphone that can be removed and replaced into its stand
  • A toy drum stick
  • A durable stool

This is one busy toy, but it has features that are only included for show. Those features are:

  • Several designs and parts of the wild color scheme look like they should be interactive but they are not
  • There are raised designs on the outside of the bass drum that seem to serve no purpose
  • The design on the stool is a swirl despite the fact that the top of the stool does not spin

This is a toy that should be placed in a spot in the home where your child can access it and play with it whenever they want. This is not a toy to be used outdoors under any circumstances.

This toy requires a considerable amount of assembly that can be easily handled by one adult. The Huile Electric Toy Jazz Drum Set requires three "AA" batteries that are not included in the packaging.

Products Similar to the Huile Electric Toy Jazz Drum Set

The Kiddie Play Electronic Toy Drum Set is a more compact design than the Huile Electric Toy Jazz Drum Set, but it offers many of the same features for your child to enjoy. It has a stool, two drums, a cymbal, a microphone, a library of songs and sounds and everything lights up when it is making music to excite your child into more play. This toy has animal sounds, and it also has a sync port to allow your child to connect their mobile computing device to play along with their own music.

Huile offers a musical toy that is a bit more versatile with its Musical Toy Xylophone Piano Pounding Bench. This toy is laid out like a xylophone, but comes with a soft hammer to strike the keys. There is also a ball game children can use to match up the color of the balls with the color of the keys to make different sounds.

Put a child behind a toy drum set and their whole musical world will open up for them. The Huile Electric Toy Jazz Drum Set is a great toy to use to get your child started down the path of musical exploration.

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