Fisher-Price Triple Hit Baseball

The Fisher-Price Triple Hit Baseball play set is the best toy for the child who has the potential to be the next big league slugger. It is a versatile toy that allows your child three different ways to learn how to hit a baseball, and it can also help your child with their fielding as well. It is designed to give your child hours of fun as they enhance the skills they will need to play America's pastime.

Basic Features of the Triple Hit Baseball Play Set

The Fisher-Price Triple Hit Baseball play set is a three-in-one hitting toy, as well as a toy that can help your child to work on their fielding. It comes with a ball tee that your child can adjust and use to improve their swing. The base can propel the ball straight upwards for your child to hit, or it can pitch the practice baseballs that come with the play set up to 10 feet in distance.

Your child can use the pop-up feature to practice shagging fly balls, and they can use the pitching feature to practice grabbing hot grounders in the infield. The base of this toy is a broad design for stability, and your child can easily move the pitching machine in any position to get the desired results. This play set also comes with an oversize bat and three practice baseballs.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for this toy set is $51.00. There are some online retailers who offer discounts and promotions that can help you lower the final selling price. Keep in mind that many retailers add shipping costs and applicable sales tax to your final order as well.

The manufacturer recommends this toy for children ages three to nine years old. The toy does not have any small parts, so it is not considered to be a choking hazard. It is primarily an outdoor toy that is light enough where one parent could move it into position for their child.

Detailed Features of the Fisher-Price Triple Hit Baseball Play Set

The magic associated with the Fisher-Price Triple Hit Baseball play set comes from its versatile pitching machine on the adjustable base. There are several interactive features on this toy that include:

  • A practice bat
  • Three practice baseballs
  • A pitching machine that can be adjusted to throw the ball straight in the air or pitch it up to 10 feet in distance
  • A tee that can be used for swing practice
  • A durable plastic base that can be adjusted to make full use of the pitching machine

There are no features that are just for show on the Fisher-Price Triple Hit Baseball play set, but there are some points of interest that parents should be made aware of. Those points are:

  • The tee is not adjustable
  • The pitching machine speed is not adjustable
  • Parents may want to consider purchasing a light batting helmet for added protection

While this play set is not designed to act as a fielding tool, it certainly can be used to help your child become more proficient at tracking down and catching fly balls and grounders.

This toy requires a small amount of assembly, but is light enough to be safely handled by one parent. For complete assembly, this toy requires four "D" size batteries that are not included.

This is a toy that can help your child to improve their motor skills, enhance their hand-eye coordination and develop a smooth baseball swing. If playing organized baseball is in your child's future, then this is the perfect toy to help your child get started.

Products Similar to this Fisher-Price Baseball Play Set?

Exercise N Play offers the Training Automatic Launcher Baseball play set as an alternative to the Fisher Price Triple Hit Baseball play set. The Training Automatic Launcher can be used as a tee, or it can launch the ball into the air for your children to hit. While the Training Automatic Launcher cannot pitch the ball to your child, it still offers plenty of chances to improve their swing.

When your child needs some time to relax from playing baseball, then consider the Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Golf play set. Your child will get the chance to work on a completely different kind of swing, while learning how to enjoy the great outdoors.

The Fisher-Price Triple Hit Baseball play set will give your child all of the tools they need to learn the basics of the game of baseball. This is the ideal toy to get your child if you want them to be ahead of the curve when they start joining youth baseball leagues.