Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer

A toy that not only enables your child to learn how to play but encourages play as well is something special. The Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer play set not only has all of the features your child will need to learn the game of soccer, but it also offers plenty of encouragement when your child hits the sweet spot of the net. With real audio and a durable design, this is the toy that you can use to help get your future World Cup qualifier started.

Basic Features of the Super Sounds Soccer Play Set

The Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer play set is a soccer goal for children that is large enough for your kids to practicing bending their shots like the pros, but small enough for easy storage and transport.

It can be used by just one child or a group, and it has a special feature where an encouraging sound is heard whenever your child hits their target.

The special target on the Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer play set can be adjusted to make scoring easy or difficult, but it always makes an encouraging sound when your child hits their mark. Your child can practice their accuracy on their own, or they can put a goalie in net and try to hit the target. Your child can get together with friends to practice shooting, or to enhance their passing skills.

The current retail price for this play set is $49.95, but that price could change based on promotional offers or discounts through your favorite retailer. It is important to remember that many retailers add shipping costs and applicable sales taxes to their orders before determining the final price.

The manufacturer recommends this toy for children up to three years of age. There are no small parts to create choking hazards, and the toy's durable metal frame is light enough to make it easy to move to any location in the yard.

Detailed Features of the Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer Play Set

The Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer play set is built to last and withstand the kind of abuse that comes from being a soccer net. It is an excellent developmental tool for kids who take their soccer seriously, or just want a colorful goal to shoot at. The interactive features for this toy include:

  • An adjustable target that makes an encouraging sound when it is struck
  • A lightweight metal frame
  • A real cloth net
  • A wide base to provide additional stability
  • A soccer ball

There are no features on this play set that are just for show, but this set is easy to disassemble for easy transport and storage. It is lightweight enough where one parent can easily handle the basic assembly job.

The target requires three "AAA" size batteries that are not included. This toy is considered to be an outdoor toy but should be stored indoors during inclement weather.

Products Similar to the Super Sounds Soccer Play Set

Darius has a product called the Two-in-One Soccer Goal that offers a similar challenge to the Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer play set. This is a very lightweight toy that can be folded up and stored in its own travel case. When the net is set up one way, it is a wide open goal that children can use to practice their best shots. When the net is flipped over, it has the image of a goalie guarding the net with an opening just big enough for a soccer ball to get through. Your kids will have to refine their aim to consistently score on this training soccer goal.

The Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Super Sounds Soccer play set is very similar to the Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer play set, but with a slightly taller net. The Grow-to-Pro product also comes with a target that announces a goal when it is struck, but it has bright colors and a taller frame that make it a little easier for budding soccer stars to score on.

If your children want to get started on the game of soccer, then the Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer play set is your best bet. When your child hits the special target, they will hear an excited announcer calling the goal.

This toy encourages your child to have fun, and rewards your child for improving their performance. This lightweight toy can be used by one child, or it can be the focal point for a group of future soccer stars. Get your child started today on the exciting game of soccer and give them a reason to get outside in the sunshine.

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