Fisher-Price Playhouse Model Review

Please use this page to browse through the more common Fisher-Price playhouses which leads to full reviews, details on playhouse features, accessories the toy houses come with, (in any) close comparions and more.

Fisher-Price Learning Home

This model is a popular, affordable, and fun little toy to consider for your young toddler. Great for developmental learning and discovery, the Learning Home gives folks a lightweight yet durable option.
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Fisher-Price Puppy's Activity Home

With a song box that plays over 40 songs along with a few other interactive features, the Puppy's Activity Home from Fisher-Price is another small toy house that is worth considering for your little one. It is yet another easy to carry budget friendly option for folks who are looking for a simple yet fun toy!
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Fisher-Price Happy Sounds Home

The Happy Sounds Home comes all ready to go out of the box and is the third option to have a glance that we have come across in this brand. And even though Fisher-Price does not offer a lot of small toy houses in this category, this one receives a majority of positive feedback and will provide hours of fun play for your child.
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So those are the few models that we have come across that are worth consideration as far as small toy houses go. Usually it is the larger play houses that are more popular but for folks who are looking for the smaller indoor toys, these models from Fisher-Price are definitely a good place to start. Granted there are not many top models to compare them to as far as what we have come across.

We hope this page provided some helpful guidance for those looking for these types of toys!

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