Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade Ride on Toy

The attention span of a child is limited, which is why you need to have a series of enticements to get children to learn new skills. For example, the lure of being able to hear songs they are familiar with can often be used to entice children to work on developing their motor skills. The Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade Ride-On combines a child's love of music with their need to exercise in a way that can create hours of fun.

The Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade Ride-On allows your child to feel like the leader of the band as they roll on down the street. The best part about this riding toy is that your child can bring their friends along to make music and get the most out of their learning and playing experience.

The Main Features of the Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade Ride-On

The Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade is a comprehensive learning toy for your child that comes complete with a series of musical instruments and a music box that plays a few favorite children's songs. The toy comes complete with a handle on the back for your child to use when walking, and handlebars that can be used when riding the toy from the driver's seat.

Each instrument has its own special riff that it plays, and all of the riffs can be played together to make up different songs. The toy also makes an engine starting and revving sound to give your child the illusion that they are driving a vehicle with real power.

The Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade Ride-On is recommended for children ages one and older, and its current purchase price is $39.19. It is made of durable plastic, and it has no sharp edges for parents to worry about.

Details About the Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade

The Music Parade Ride-On has a series of fun interactive features that your child will enjoy. Those features include:

  • A trumpet that makes sounds
  • A drum with real drum noises
  • A keyboard that features sounds from a tuba and saxophone and can be used to create original songs
  • The sounds of an engine starting and revving
  • Handlebars for safe driving
  • A walk-behind handle that children can use to help walk with their Music Parade Walk-On or parents can use to push their children along

Most of these features make noises that can be enjoyed individually, or played together. Children can play pre-programmed riffs from the various instruments, or they can create their own tunes. The Music Parade Ride-On also comes with five marching songs programmed in for children to enjoy.

To go a long with its many interactive and animated features, the Music Parade Ride-On also has several features that are not interactive or animated. They include:

  • Facial features that are only decals
  • Decorative decals all over the ride-on that are not animated
  • Musical note decals on the wheels that are not interactive

The Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade can be an indoor or outdoor toy, provided it has a smooth and level surface to ride on. There is assembly required out of the box, but there is no ongoing assembly required to operate the unit.

Toys Similiar to the Music Parade Ride-On

The Fisher-Price Little People Shop N' Roll Ride-On is a toy that is very similar to the Music Parade Ride-On, with the primary difference being the overall theme of the toy. Where the Music Parade Ride-On helps children to create their own marching band, the Shop N' Roll helps children to use their imagination in pretending that they are shopping in the same way they see their parents shopping in a store.

VTech has a product called the Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker that also acts as a traveling music show, but offers no way for the child to stand and play music. With the VTech product, the idea is for it to act more as a wall of musical instruments instead of a moving vehicle. Yet still something to consider.

Your child can use the Fisher-Price Music Parade Ride-On toy to pretend that they are the leader of their own marching band. Not only can this toy help your child to work on their motor skills, but it can also help to encourage a love of music that could last a lifetime.

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