Fisher-Price Little People Fire Truck Ride-On

If you are raising a little one who wants to be a firefighter some day, then Fisher-Price has the ideal toy for your family. The Fisher-Price Little People Fire Truck Ride-On is the ideal way for the child who dreams of putting out fires to feel like they are a part of a real battalion that is out there protecting the people.

The great thing about the Fisher-Price Little People Fire Truck Ride-On is that it has a wide variety of interactive features that can keep your child busy for hours. All you need to add is a child's firefighter's helmet, and you have everything your prospective hero-in-training will need.

Main Features of the Little People Fire Truck Ride-On

The details on the Fisher-Price Little People Fire Truck Ride-On are what makes this toy so much fun for children. The walk along handle on the back is shaped like a fire truck ladder, and there are even firetruck beacon lights on the front of the toy that light up. When the lights are on, the siren is blasting and telling everyone to get out of the way.

Some of the fun features your children can look forward to include a walkie-talkie that makes sounds, and a storage area under the seat where your child can put their firefighter's raincoat. The fire hose on the front makes a clicking sound when your child interacts with it, and the form-fitted seat means that your child arrives at the scene of every emergency in comfort.

The retail cost for this toy online is $29.99, but it is important to note that shipping and handling are extra charges. This toy is meant for children from one to three years of age, and it is the ideal way for parents to safely foster the notion that their child may want to grow up to be a real firefighter some day.

Detailed Features of this Fire Truck Ride-On

When it comes to interactive or animated features, this ride-on toy is loaded. Interactive features include:

  • A walkie-talkie that makes real sounds when your child picks it up
  • A beacon with real lights and a real siren
  • A hose that makes sound whenever your child interacts with it
  • A walk along bar that looks like a fire truck ladder
  • Storage under the formed, plastic seat
  • A music box that plays assorted children's tunes

For all that this red toy can do, it has several features that are just for show and not interacted or animated at all. Those features are:

  • Decals throughout the toy that do not move or become animated in any way
  • Decals on the wheel that are not animated
  • Lights on the front of the truck that are decals and not functional

While there is a lot that is just for show on the Fisher-Price Little People Fire Truck Ride-On, it is still an effective toy that can give your child the complete firefighter experience. This is a toy that can be used indoors or outdoors, but it should only be used on clean, flat surfaces outdoors. There is a minimal amount of assembly required, and there are also three "AA" size batteries required that do not come with the toy.

Toys Similar to the Fisher-Price Little People Fire Truck Ride-On

The Fisher-Price Little People Ride-On is the "handyman version" of the Fire Truck Ride-On. With the Little People Ride-On, you get plastic play tools and a work bench that helps your little one to get the job done when they are working at their imaginary construction site.

Little People manufacturers a ride-on called the Music Parade Ride-On that is designed in a way that is very similar to the Fire Truck Ride-On, but it is based on a parade theme. This is an extremely colorful ride-on that plays a variety of songs, and allows your child to be the ringmaster of their own parade.

Many children grow up thinking they want to be firefighters, and that can get their imaginations going. When you present them with their own fire truck in the form of the Fire Truck Ride-On, you open up a whole new world of imagination that will help your child to develop in a variety of different ways.

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