Fisher-Price Learning Home

Parents are always looking for ways to help their children to better understand the world around them, but getting children to learn anything can be a battle. But when you utilize something like the Fisher-Price Learning Home, you are able to help your children develop their minds and have fun at the same time.

The Fisher-Price Learning Home utilizes colors, music and familiar objects to help children to learn communication skills and enhance their overall development. The interactive nature of this toy gets children involved, and then the variety of activities help to keep children engaged.

Aside from being a fun way for children to learn, this Fisher Price playhouse model is also extremely durable and able to withstand punishment. Parents with children at different ages will appreciate the ability to pass this toy down from one child to the next.

What Comes With The Learning Home?

The Fisher-Price Learning Home comes equipped with two full learning modes, a variety of over 20 children's songs, over 40 exercises to teach children how to say their first words and 20 activities designed for exercise and fun. Also included in the packaging are multi-colored play balls, play blocks in different shapes to match the shapes in the door, a key to the front door and plastic mail to be delivered through the learning home mail slot.

The Learning Home is recommended for children ages six months to three years old. It does not come with any extra pieces, but pieces such as the plastic mail and key can be purchased separately if they are lost. At the time of this writing the Learning House can be purchased for $69.99.

What Makes The Learning Home So Much Fun?

Your child can interact with some of the moving parts on the Fisher-Price Home that include activities such as:

  • Spinning the house numbers
  • Moving the hands of the clock
  • Dropping mail in the mail slot
  • Using the key to lock and unlock the door
  • Dropping the multi-colored balls down the rain spout
  • Watching a flower grow

Learning is fun when your children enjoy sounds such as:
  • Songs coming from the play radio
  • Chimes coming from the doorbell
  • A singing clock
  • The song "Itsy Bitsy Spider" being played when the balls are sent down the rain spout

Your children learn as they interact with features such as:
  • The sundial
  • The rolling garden
  • The clock
  • The mailbox
  • The shape slot on the front door
  • The alphabet letters that can be arranged over the front door

The Learning House looks great with all of its colors, and that is part of the attraction for your child. Fisher-Price has done a great job at utilizing all of the space on the Learning House and making every part an adventure for your child. Each and every feature on this playhouse is interactive in some way, and that will keep your child busy for hours.

The Learning House does require assembly as most of it comes disassembled in the box. The product also requires three "C" size batteries to operate that are not included.

Products That Are Like Learning Home

Little Tikes is always putting out interesting products, and the Activity Garden Baby Playset is very similar to the Learning Home. The big differences between the two are that the Little Tikes product is a garden setting and not the front door of a home, and the Little Tikes product does not have the broad range of interactive features that are found in the Fisher-Price toy home model.

On a smaller scale, the Fisher-Price Learning Letters Mailbox is similar to the Learning Home but on a smaller scale. All of the features on the Learning Letters Mailbox are interactive, but the product is limited in the amount of activities.

It is easier to teach children when learning is a game. The Fisher-Price Learning Home has a broad array of interactive features that teach children how to spell, speak and use a variety of every day items. This is the kind of learning toy that can also provide hours of fun and entertainment for your child.