Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball

A sports toy that can grow with your child's abilities is one that can help your child to excel in any sport they choose. The Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball play set is a versatile sports toy that can start your child off at a novice level, and then keep adjusting as your child improves. With help from a toy like this, your child will be nailing free throws from anywhere in the driveway before very long.

Basic Features of the Basketball Play Set

The Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball play set is a basketball backboard and hoop on an adjustable stand. The stand can be adjusted to anywhere between three and six feet tall, and the base can be filled with sand or water for extra durability.

The specially designed ball is a bit smaller than a standard basketball, which lines up nicely with the oversized rim.

The backboard is a sleek design that is made of durable plastic. The net is made from real cloth, and there is a ball scoop you can add if you want that brings the ball right back to you. As your child's ability to hit jump shots improves, you can raise the backboard to make it more challenging. As you make the backboard higher, you can add the ball scoop to make sure that the ball does not get away.

The manufacturer recommends that this toy be used by children ranging in age from two to six years old. It is a toy that can be used by just one child, or it could be the centerpiece for a neighborhood game of basketball.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball play set is $49.99. You may want to check with your retailer to see if you can get a price discount that will make your purchase price lower. Remember that some online retailers will add shipping costs and applicable sales tax to your final purchase price.

Detailed Features of the Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball Play Set

The Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball play set is an extremely durable toy made from high grade plastic. It contains moving parts, but there are no small parts that could be a choking hazard to children. It has a few interactive features that include:

  • An oversize rim
  • A cloth net
  • A plastic ball scoop that drops the ball back in your hands after you make a basket
  • An stand that can be adjusted to several different heights
  • A base that can be filled with water or sand
  • A basketball specially designed for this play set

This toy is designed to encourage your children to be excited about playing basketball, and to that end it does have a feature that is only for show. The backboard has an elaborate design that looks like it should be either a scoreboard or some kind of interactive feature. While the design is etched into the plastic, it is not in any way interactive.

This is an outdoor use only toy because of its height, and it can be adjusted up or down depending on your child's needs. Your child can spend their time working on their shot on their own, or this can be a social toy that brings together all of the children in your neighborhood.

This is a toy that does require a decent amount of assembly that should be handled by two adults. Once assembled, the toy can easily be adjusted by just one adult.

Products Similar to the "I Can Play Basketball" Play Set?

Fisher-Price has as part of its Grow-to-Pro series of play sets, the Pro Basketball Junior Play Set which folks can consider as well. With the Pro Basketball Junior set, the stand can be adjusted to a height lower than the I Can Play Basketball Play Set, but the design and look of the Grow-to-Pro set is almost identical in every other way. If you want to start your smaller child off on something more their size, then the Grow-to-Pro set is the ideal solution.

Liberty Imports offers the Junior Portable Basketball System which can be adjusted up to 66-inches in height, and can also be folded up for easy transport. The oversize rim and real cloth net give the same feel as the I Can Play Basketball Play Set, but this unit is easy to store when it is too cold for basketball outside.

Parents who want to get their children started early learning the game of basketball should look into getting the Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball Play Set. It will grow with your child, and it will offer all of the challenges your child will need to want to improve.

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