Fisher-Price Grow with Me Skateboard

Parents often cringe when they think of their children on skateboards, but that does not have to be the case when you take the time to teach your children the proper way to stay safe.

Fisher-Price has a reputation for tackling the more challenging issues for parents of young children, and the Fisher Price Grow-with-Me 3-in-1 Skateboard is another example of how the company always delivers when it comes to the right toy for the right situation.

This skateboard is specially designed to work in stages as it helps your child to learn the right way to ride a skateboard from a very young age. As your child progresses in their ability to maintain their balance and use their skateboard, you have the ability to make the changes that take the toy to the next level. This is the ideal interactive toy for parents and children that will help children to learn the skills necessary to stay safe.

Basic Features of the Grow-with-Me 3-in-1 Skateboard

The Fisher Price Grow-with-Me 3-in-1 Skateboard starts out looking like a toddler's scooter, but it has very special transitional abilities that make it special. This toy is broken down in to three developmental stages.

The first stage has a wide wheel base and a handle to allow young riders to learn how to stay on their feet. For the second stage, the handle is removed but the wheels stay in place to help the child work on their balance. For stage three, the wheels are retracted and you have a real skateboard.

A child's skateboard is something that develops an emotional importance for so many reasons. With the Fisher Price Grow-with-Me 3-in-1 Skateboard, the emotional significance of the toy comes from the years it spent teaching your child how to stay safe on a skateboard. This invaluable tool will not only be your child's first skateboard, it will also be your child's first chance to show that they can learn how to stay safe when you are not there to watch.

The manufacturer has set the age range for this toy to run from four to eight years of age. There is no concrete rules on moving your child up to the various stages as the manufacturer has left that decision up to the parents. The current retail price of this skateboard is $49.99, which is a price that does not include any sales tax or applicable shipping and handling charges.

Detailed Features of the Fisher Price Skateboard

For such a versatile skateboard, the Fisher Price Grow-with-Me 3-in-1 Skateboard does not have as many interactive features as you may think. The interactive features include:

  • A removable handle
  • A metal adjustable wheel base with four wheels
  • A one-piece standing deck made of durable materials

The standing deck is height adjustable, which is used when you move your child to stage three and you need to raise the height of the deck to the height of a standard skateboard. The entire working mechanism of the skateboard is found in the wheel mounts on the bottom of the standing deck.

The Fisher Price Grow-with-Me 3-in-1 Skateboard is a colorful skateboard, but it does not have any parts that are just for show. Aside from the logo on the standing deck, every feature and piece of this toy has an important function towards teaching your child balance and coordination.

There is very little assembly required to initially get your child started on this skateboard. Each stage requires a small amount of adjustment that can easily be done without tools.

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The similar Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro 3-in-1 Skateboard looks to be the same design as the Fisher Price Grow-with-Me 3-in-1 Skateboard, but with a different color scheme. Any parent who is looking for options on the look of their child's first skateboard will want to compare these two to see which their child will prefer.

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