Bright Starts Baby Light and Giggle Drum

The combination of lights and sound means magic for small children, and parents can help their children develop their sensory skills with a toy that brings those two features together.

The Bright Starts Baby Light and Giggle Drum is a toy that has a mirror for a surface and uses lights and sounds to reward your children for their actions. When your child strikes this drum, it plays a tune that your child will enjoy.

Basic Features of the Drum

The Bright Starts Baby Light and Giggle Drum has three learning modes that offer your child fun options for play. When the surface of the drum is struck, it lights up and plays a song.

There is a mode where your child will hear a voice count along with the beat, and another mode that has the lights make artistic designs as they dance to the music. The surface of the drum is a mirror that will make it look to your child like the lights are dancing around their smiling face. The more your child taps the drum, the more colors and sounds it makes.

This is a toy designed for younger children who are just starting to develop their sensory and motor skills. The manufacturer has set the age range for this toy at six months to three years of age.

This is a durable toy built with its target audience in mind, so parents can rest easy knowing that this toy can take whatever abuse their children can give it. This toy should only be struck with a child's hand and never anything else.

This compact little toy packs a big musical punch, and the manufacturer has set a retail price of $17.99 to make this toy accessible to every child. It is important to note that this price does not include any applicable sales tax or shipping charges that could be added at the point of sale. Parents should check around to find retailers that are offering a price discount to lower the overall purchase price.

Detailed Features of the Bright Starts Baby Light and Giggle Drum

The Bright Starts Baby Light and Giggle Drum is a small circular drum that packs a lot of features into one toy. Its interactive features include:

  • A mirrored playing surface
  • Lights that dance when the drum plays a song
  • Songs and sounds play when your child strikes the mirrored surface
  • Three modes that can include a mode for counting the beat, a mode for playing songs, and a mode for a more expansive light show
  • An on/off switch that doubles as a volume control

The design of this toy is extremely impressive as it also include features that are only for show. Those features include:

  • There are letters and numbers on the outer rim of the toy that are not interactive in any way
  • It looks like there is a fake drum skin around the outer surface of the toy that serves no real purpose

This toy is extremely light and easy for any child or parent to carry. Its rounded edges and durable playing surface make it a very safe toy for your child to use. There is no assembly required for this toy, but parents do have to install the two "AA" size batteries that come with the packaging.

Products Similar to this Drum?

If the beat really affects your young child, then try the Safari Beats Musical Toy from Bright Starts. This has three drum surfaces that light up, and a whole library of rhythms your child can play along with. When your child feels like they have the rhythm in them, they can go to free style mode and let that rhythm out. This toy also makes fun sounds and has plenty of entertaining melodies. The carrying handle makes it an easy toy to transport.

Time2Play has its Musical Instrument Set that includes four real instruments for your child to play. The set includes a tambourine, two maracas, a bell and two castanets. If this play set does not get your child up and dancing, then nothing will. These are all made of durable wood and have a bright color scheme that invites play time.

Very young children need to be taught how to identify sounds and colors at a very early age. The Bright Starts Baby Light and Giggle Drum is designed to make it fun for your child to associate the beating of a drum with the sound it makes, and appreciate the way that the colors can dance around when the beat happens.

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