B. Woofer Guitar

The B. Woofer Guitar could be one of the most interesting and fun musical toys you will ever buy for your child. It has a sleek design to it that looks like a hound dog, and the dog theme for the music is something your child is sure to enjoy. This is a toy that is versatile as well as durable. It is designed to be easy for your child to use, and it can offer hours of musical fun for young children of all ages.

Basic Features of the B. Woofer Guitar

This is a toy filled with fun features such as a switch that allows your child to choose an electric, acoustic or distorted guitar sound, and four play guitar strings that generate real guitar sounds. The overall dog theme is hard to miss with the variety of dog songs your child can choose from and the overall look of the B. Woofer Guitar. This toy even comes with a booklet to help your child sing and play along to the songs that are pre-recorded.

The manufacturer indicates that this toy has small parts that could become a choking hazard for young children. For that reason, the age range on this toy has been set at three years of age and up. Parents should be sure to watch children during play to make sure none of the small parts are taken off the toy and put in their child's mouth.

This is a lot of toy for a reasonable price, and the manufacturer has set that reasonable retail price at $39.99. Anyone interested in buying this product for a lower price should do some comparison shopping to find retailers with discounts and promotions to offer. The retail price is not inclusive of any shipping charges or applicable sales tax.

Detailed Features of the B. Woofer Guitar

The B. Woofer Guitar comes with a wide variety of fun interactive features for your children. Those features include:

  • A dog-shaped button that plays dog-themed songs
  • Four play guitar strings that can be strummed to make sounds
  • Eight buttons that can be pressed to create different sounds, chords and sound effects
  • A music booklet your child can use to follow along with the songs
  • A knob that allows your child to choose an acoustic, electric or distorted guitar sound
  • A level shaped like a bone that creates a whammy sound on the guitar
  • A strap that is attached to the guitar
  • A built-in microphone that can be reeled back in by pressing a button
  • An easy-to-find volume control
  • An easy-to-find on/off switch

There are some peculiar features about the B. Woofer Guitar that parents should be aware of before making their purchase. Those features are:

  • The design looks more like a blue deer than a dog
  • The headstock has a variety of facial features that are not animated or interactive
  • The strap is short to prevent choking

This toy is lightweight and compact enough for any child or parent to be able to carry. The only assembly work a parent will have to do is install the three "AAA" size batteries that are included in the packaging. This is an indoor and outdoor toy, but it should only be stored in a dry place inside of the house.

Products Similar to the B. Woofer Guitar

If your kids are looking to start a band, then you can also get them the B. Toys Ribbit-Tat-Tat Light-Up Musical Drum to go along with the Woofer Guitar. This toy comes with three drum pads, two sticks and a cymbal shaped like a toadstool. Your child can choose from a variety of music styles, and they can also record their beats to listen to later. When your child plays along with any of the pre-recorded songs, the pads light up to help your child keep time.

Sometimes kids want an animal-themed toy that does not look like their own pet, which is why the Fisher Price Giraffe Guitar can be a great alternative to the B. Woofer Guitar. This toy has buttons on the neck that make different musical sounds and sound effects, and it has a set of plastic guitar strings that move together to create plenty of fun guitar sounds for your child to enjoy.

Musical toys that look like animals are very popular, and that is just one reason kids love the B. Woofer Guitar. Its unique design and long list of interactive features mean that your kids will have hours of fun while exploring their musical ideas.