American Plastic Toys My Very Own Gourmet Kitchen

With a colorful presentation and layout that makes everything accessible to your child, the American Plastic Toys My Very Own Gourmet Kitchen is one of the ideal toy kitchens that will keep your child entertained for hours. With this toy kitchen, your child can pretend that that they are preparing their own gourmet meal for the whole family.

One of the convenient aspects of the American Plastic Toys My Very Own Gourmet Kitchen set is the way the layout challenges your child to stand and perform tasks instead of encouraging your child to sit. The vertical aspect of this toy kitchen means that children get to work on muscle coordination, while feeding their imaginations at the same time.

General Overview of the American Plastic Toys My Very Own Gourmet Kitchen

The stove top of the play kitchen has two burners and a griddle that sizzle and light up when they are being used. There are plenty of shelves for storage and there is an oven door that opens. There is also a microwave oven that has a door that opens and a place for your child to hang their play cellphone. All of the accessories and the kitchen itself are made from durable plastic that are made in different colors to eliminate the need for paint.

There are no storage cabinets in this play kitchen like with the other brands reviewed here, but there are plenty of storage shelves that have designated spaces for the 23 accessories that come with the Gourmet Kitchen. This kitchen does not have a sink like most of the other American Plastic Toys kitchens do, but that does not take away from the potential for hours of fun.

At the time of this writing, the online retail price for the set is a very reasonable $24.18, which does not include shipping, handling or sales tax charges. You may even be able to get this unit for a lower price if you can find a retailer that is offering a discount. Because the American Plastic Toys My Very Own Gourmet Kitchen comes with small parts, the age range of two to eight years old should be strictly enforced.

Detail Features of the Kitchen

The Gourmet Kitchen is a simpler design than most other American Plastic Toys kitchens, but it does have its fair share of interactive features. Those features include:

  • Burners and a griddle that lights up and makes cooking sounds
  • A stove door that opens
  • Stove control knobs that turn
  • A microwave oven door that opens
  • A play cellphone with number buttons that can be pushed
  • Hooks where play accessories can safely hang

With all that children can do with this fun toddler toy, there are certain features that are only there for show. Those features include:

  • LED displays on the stoves that are only decals
  • The buttons on the cellphone can be pressed, but they make no sound and do not cause any numbers to appear on the screen
  • The LED display on the cellphone is a decal
  • The windows on the microwave and standard ovens are decals as well and not actual windows

The American Plastic Toys My Very Own Gourmet Kitchen requires some assembly, and it also requires two AA size batteries that are not included. From what we gathered a screwdriver is required to be able to install the handles on the ovens.

Size and Weight

The kitchen toy is a bit smaller than most of the other American Plastic Toys kitchens, (as well as those put out by Step2 or Kidkraft) and it is also lighter weight. The dimensions of the toy are around 21 inches wide, nine inches deep and 30 inches high. The assembled weight of the unit is close to eight pounds, which makes it very easy for any adult to move... (just be sure your little one does not climb as it may tip!).

The ideal place to put the kitchen is in a spot where children will be able to get at it from all sides. This is not a toy where children only need to access it by standing directly in front of it. The corners and sides offer play options that children will want to access.

Toys Similar to This Model

American Plastic Toys has a product called My Very Own Sweet Treat Kitchen which is the same design as the American Plastic Toys My Very Own Gourmet Kitchen, but it comes with a different color scheme. The Sweet Treat Kitchen comes with the same interactive features and 23 accessories that are found with the Gourmet Kitchen so it is pretty much the same item.

As a different brand option Step2 has a product called the Cozy Kitchen that offers a compact design that is similar to the Gourmet Kitchen and a list of accessories that are also similar to the American Plastic Toys product. Everything with the Cozy Kitchen is within an arm's reach of a child, which makes this kitchen as convenient to use as the Gourmet Kitchen model.


Play kitchens help a child to use their imagination while developing their motor skills. With the American Plastic Toys My Very Own Gourmet Kitchen, your child gets the chance to prepare meals for the whole family while working hard to keep their very own kitchen organized and clean.