American Plastic Toys Cookin' Kitchen

The American Plastic Toys Company knows that children's toys need to be interactive and colorful to grab a child's attention. That is why the American Plastic Toy Cookin' Kitchen comes in a bright color scheme and has plenty of interactive features to keep your child playing for hours.

As your child interacts with the Cookin' Kitchen, they will be working on enhancing their coordination and using their imagination. Now your child can cook just like their parents and help to prepare pretend meals everyone can enjoy. Parents can rest easy knowing that all of the exposed and interactive parts are made from durable but safe plastic.

Quick Overview of the American Plastic Toys Cookin' Kitchen

The American Plastic Toys Cookin' Kitchen includes plenty of doors for your child to open and close, as well as some features to interact with that may look familiar. There is a dishwasher that opens, and the refrigerator door has an ice dispenser on it for a little more realism.

The burners on the stove light up and make cooking sounds, while the control knobs on the sink turn. This play kitchen gives your child everything they need to pretend to whip up the biggest holiday meal, serve that meal and then clean up afterwards. It is a toy that teaches your child responsibility, while inspiring their imagination.

The current online retail price for the Cookin' Kitchen is $52.00, which does not include the costs of sales tax, shipping and handling. You may also be able to find an online vendor that is offering a discount or pricing promotion for the Cookin' Kitchen as well. There are several small parts and accessories that come with this toy kitchen, which has inspired the manufacturer to make the age range from three to 15 years of age.

Specific Features of the Cookin' Kitchen

When it comes to interactive features, the American Plastic Toys Cookin' Kitchen has a lot to offer. Those features include:

  • Burners and a griddle that light up and make cooking sounds
  • A microwave oven door that opens
  • A standard over door that opens
  • A dishwasher door that opens
  • A refrigerator door that opens
  • A simulated ice dispenser in the refrigerator door that depresses when a child pushes a glass against it
  • Removable fake wicker storage baskets
  • Knobs on the standard stove and dishwasher that work
  • A cellphone with buttons that can be pressed
The Cookin' Kitchen has several features to go along with the interactive features that are just for show. These features include:
  • Several LED displays that are only decals
  • Cellphone buttons that can be depressed, but give no sound
  • The sink offers no sound effects
  • The ice dispenser on the refrigerator does not make any sounds or do anything other than allowing the child to depress the dispenser with a cup

This toy does require a screwdriver to complete its considerable assembly. There are also two AA size batteries required that are not included in the packaging.

Size and Weight Information

The assembled size of the American Plastic Toys Cookin' Kitchen is 33 inches long, 12 inches deep and 38 inches high. The assembled weight is 13 pounds, which means that this toy can easily be moved by an adult from one location to another.

The Cookin' Kitchen has a simulated kitchen window that would looked best if placed near a real window that allows in natural light. This toy requires your child to access it from three sides to be able to maximize the play potential, which means that you should put this toy in an open room with plenty of space for your child to spread out.

Toys Similar to the American Plastic Toys Cookin' Kitchen

The American Plastic Toys Cook and Play Kitchen has the same design as the Cookin' Kitchen, but with a different color scheme. The Cook and Play Kitchen has the same 22 accessories as the Cookin' Kitchen, and it also offers the same kitchen experience as the Cookin' Kitchen.

KidKraft offers the Vintage Kitchen which has many of the same accessories and interactive features of the Cookin' Kitchen, but with an interesting retro look. The Vintage Kitchen has a standard oven, refrigerator and a microwave oven to stay in line with the Cookin' Kitchen. The primary difference between the Vintage Kitchen and the Cookin' Kitchen is the Vintage Kitchen does not come with the comprehensive accessories that are included with the Cookin' Kitchen.

Also, one is made from plastic, the Kidkraft, mostly wood.

A play kitchen is a place where your child can be creative, learn responsibility and develop their coordination. The American Plastic Toys Cookin' Kitchen gives your child plenty of ways to get the most out of their play kitchen experience.